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Welcome to Crowned in Beauty Publishing! I'm glad you're here. My name is Kimberly Lecar. Aside from having a love for songwriting, music and writing, my delight is to be in the Lord.

I made Jesus, Lord and Savior of my life in December of 2008 and rededicated my life to Him on January 23, 2015. My walk in life has been filled with trials and struggles. I learned that Freedom comes through accepting Christ sacrifice, knowing that He delivered me, and also living in Freedom (John 8:32).


 After my decision to follow His heart I began to see blessings, miracles and Joy of the Lord. My favorite scripture verse is Matthew 6:33 KJV- "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all will be added unto you. "

This blog is called "Crowned in Beauty Publishing" as a child of God, we have been crowned in beauty for our ashes. With the devotionals shared, I hope to encourage and remind you of that crown.


If you don't know my friend Jesus, I can introduce you to Him! Click here and invite Him into your heart today.

I am here to inspire you to step into the beauty you’ve been given for your ashes. I hope you find these inspirational stories, devotionals, songs and poems I share and that they remind you how uniquely loved you are made by our God!

God Blessed, now GO Bless,

Kimberly Lecar

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